I have been given the wonderful opportunity to interview artists for Red Bubble’s Emotive Photography group’s Artist Spotlight section. I think this is going to be a great project for all of us Red Bubble artists to get to know, relate, and learn from each other on a more personal level. Plus, for anyone mew to Red Bubble or not a member (yet), it is a chance to learn what some of the best and brightest are doing on and off the site!

A new artist will be interviewed every two weeks and the interviews will be posted every Saturday/Sunday. So, make sure you check back every other weekend to read up on the new artist in our spotlight! I will be going through the group and picking random group members and contacting them to see if they are interested in being interviewed. If they are chosen, I will also choose one of their pieces that best represents why the artist is part of this wonderful group, and include that piece with the interview.

The spotlight will consist of 21 questions, pertaining to Emotive Photography, art in general, facts about the artist, and about their collection and chosen piece. I will never ask the same set of questions and will always strive to ask questions that will help us get to know the artist and what makes them tick! As a little bonus, the 21st question will ALWAYS be an off-the-wall style choose-your-own-adventure type of question – just for fun and just to keep us artists on our toes!

Each spotlight will be posted in the Emotive Photography group’s forums and a snippet will be posted in my Red Bubble journal and b.christopher designs blog with a link to the entire interview (just in case a non-member would like a peek). These interviews have lots of great information about photography and life and do not just apply to our group. Every RB member and aspiring artist/photographer/writer would benefit from reading them.

I will be choosing the first artist this week and will get the interview up by Saturday/Sunday. So, RB artists, check your Bubble Mails, because it very well could be YOU! And, remember to stay tuned…

Plus, if you are not yet a member of RB’s Emotive Photography group, you should check it out. It is a great group of people with some amazing images!


Note: This update originally appeared in the BCD Red Bubble Journal.