Little Tree

I just wanted to post a quickie about my Little Tree, which was featured on the Art page yesterday, 04/21/08 by aelend who did the featured page.

It was first featured on the Art page on 04/14/08 by Dana DiPasquale, who did the featured art for that period.

It has been a treat to see this lonely little tree featured twice this month! There have also been such wonderful comments and feedback given to me about this piece that I have been overwhelmed with joy. There are some people in my life who may not view me as a “photographer” or “artist” and it is such a great joy to be able to show them that my work gets positive feedback from other artists in the industry! It makes me feel like I am NOT alone. I guess, in retrospect, Little Tree could be me? How sad. LOL!

I just wanted thank both aelend and Dana DiPasquale for placing Little Tree in the company of such other fantastic and inspiring work! I am tremendously appreciative and it gives me great hope for the work I do.

Thanks, again, to all those who have left me such amazing comments!!! I also want to congratulate all the other artists featured on those pages! The work there is constantly inspiring and I am still shocked to be there with you all!


Art page on 04/21/08:

Little Tree Featured on RB Main Galleries 04/21/08

Art page on 04/14/08:

Little Tree Featured on RB Main Galleries 04/21/08

Note: This update originally appeared in the BCD Red Bubble Journal.