I wrote the flash fiction/poetry (I cannot decide which it is) piece, The Lovers, for my Red Bubble writing gallery and then created the below illustration, Faerie Dust, to accompany it. I hope you enjoy it!

Faerie Dust
Faerie Dust

The Lovers

By Brian Jaime

…and the lovers swooned as though time had stopped. Even the dusty butterflies and swaying tree had felt the need to pause and reflect on the power of love’s spell. For but a whisper of a moment, the stars and the moon seemed as one tangoing across the night sky, which itself was marrying dusk to night. For a few short seconds, the lovers gazed into each other’s eyes, without noticing the extreme stillness around them, and they fell deep into love – each of them knowing that they could never breathe a single breathe again without the other. Then, with a flick and a swish, time was broken and the lovers glanced up at the evening sky wrapped in a gossamer blanket of bliss. And, even though this all took but mere seconds, the faerie knew that a few short seconds was all that was needed…

© Copyright Brian Jaime and bchrsidesigns, 2008. All Rights Reserved.

Note: This flash fiction/poetry piece was originally featured in BCD’s writing gallery on Red Bubble.