I just finished uploading some new designs to the BCD Red Bubble Art (Prints) Gallery and T-Shirt Gallery. They took me awhile to perfect, but the end results where great! Both are social commentaries, but they are entirely different types of editorials.

The first, BINGO Heart, is a digital illustration based on an altered art piece I created and then photographed. After the photograph was uploaded into my Photoshop CS3, I digitally illustrated it using many layers to end at the final result:

BINGO Heart art (print)

BINGO Heart art (print)

(It is offered as both art design and t-shirt design.)

BINGO Heart t-shirt

BINGO Heart t-shirt

I ♥ BINGO! (I go every Thursday and Friday night) and I wanted to share that love. I will have to get one of these shirts to wear to the BINGO hall! I am working on more future BINGO designs for all you BINGO lovers out there! So, stay tuned!

The second design, Have You Seen the New Five Dollar Bill?, came about after an aggravating day ending with being suckered at the pump! Here in California, gas prices have sky-rocketed to almost $4.00 per gallon. Thus, was born:

Have You Seen The New Five Dollar Bill? art (print)

Have You Seen the New Five Dollar Bill? art (print)

(It is also offered as both art (print) and t-shirt design.)

Have You Seen The New Five Dollar Bill? t-shirt

Have You Seen the New Five Dollar Bill? t-shirt

I first wanted George Dub-ya to be able to see this design as a social commentary on just how ridiculous this economy is getting! However, I scratched that idea after realizing that the pres. might think this a good idea and implement it! Ugh.

Well, there is definitely more to come! I am always working-working-working, busy-busy-busy on new ideas and concepts. So, be sure to hit me up here or at Red Bubble and let me know what y’all think!

Much love!