Okay, so this last Thursday and Friday I went to play BINGO as usual and it was very aggravating. I just had to pour my frustrations out in my blog just to get them off of my chest. I normally go to just have fun, but this week’s games just left me high and dry. And, this is not a whine fest about “Oh, poor me, I did not win…” Like I said, I go for fun and not necessarily to win…winning is just a bonus. I actually enjoy just playing.

However, Thursday night at the West Covina Elks Lodge was torturous! I was on in every game! And, to top it off, I was not feeling well and then the sellers were not coming to our side of the hall and we were missing a lot of the games because they play favorites. I was so upset. Everytime I would say or think “I’m on!”, someone would shout “BINGO!” It felt like a curse because I was not even given that opportunity of when you are on and you are waiting for your number to come up and you get that antsy adrenaline feeling where you think you might win. No, not even that. It was “I’m on!”…a second later…someone shouting “BINGO!” No chance to even enjoy the fact that I got “on”. Ugh. I hate that. If I am not going to win, at least let me enjoy it, please. LOL!

Friday night at St. Louise, in San Dimas, was no better. There was a different BINGO caller and he was going so fast that most of us could not keep up. Lucky for me, I was only playing two cards. I felt sorry for people who were playing three or more cards because he was acting like he was at an auction! Also, I was sick to my stomach because of some Mexican food I had eaten earlier. (Note to self: no more Mexican food before BINGO!) It was just not a good night. I was happy to leave and come home.

I did not win either night. But that is not the big deal. The big deal is that I did not get to enjoy it and I felt cheated because of it. Even when I do not win (which is a lot of times), at least I leave the place having had fun and enjoying my experience. But I did not even have that.


Well, there’s always next week…