I just uploaded two new stories to my Red Bubble writing gallery.  I actually created one from scratch and the other was a brief synopsis that I had jotted down ages ago and so I finally turned it into a story.

The first story, “I Know Where Mommy Is”, is a flash fiction piece that is only 150 words long (so you have no excuse not to read it).  I wrote it for RB’s Flash Fiction group‘s “May (1st challenge)”, which challenged writers to write a piece of flash fiction that revolved around the single word topic of “witness”.  Take a look at it and let me know what you think!

The second story is “This One’s For You”, which was originally a story synopsis that I had jotted down awhile ago.  I found it while going through my files and decided to turn it into a story and that the story would be a perfect fit for RB’s Twisted Tales group‘s “Twisted Karaoke Competition”, which challenges writers to write a story “with a twist where the title of the story is also the title of a song. It can be in any genre, on any theme. As long as it is titled after and inspired by the name of a song. (We don’t want stories where the song is simply playing in the background – the title and/or the song itself should be central to the plot).”  The song I chose was Barry Manilow’s “This One’s For You”…don’t ask why!  Please check it out and let me know what you think!

Much love,

~b.chris :o)