Okay, so I am back from my road trip with details, details, details. I am going to do one write up of my overall trip reflections and then subsequent write ups and reviews of all the stuff we experienced on the way, so stay tuned. But, the whole trip aside, the last two weeks have been so weird and hectic and I have tons to report! From exploding transformers to gay rights achievements, frozen custard to BINGO heartache, from family woes to heroic foes, from CafePress to Red Bubble, and from black outs to black jack. I’ve been reading, tasting, watching, experiencing, entering, uploading, and feeling so many things with in the last two weeks (and it is not over yet!!!). I will be starting my updates on Monday for everything from the trip, to Bobbie’s birthday, to BINGO, to the blackout, to seeing WICKED live at the Pantages and everything else in between. Expect reviews, reflections, updates, and at least one “how to-“. It is all coming up next week… so stay tuned!!!!

Until then… cheers!!!

~ b.chris