Awhile back, I threw my name in the bucket to be a part of the Snail Mail Project, a world-wide scrapbook extravaganza, hosted by Red Bubble’s Snail Mail Group! A handful of artists from across the globe are each getting three pages to do whatever they want with, and, when they are done, they send it on to the next person! The book will start off in Australia and then make its way around the world, until it returns to Australia and into the hands of some wonderful Red Bubble folk (and, who knows what they’ll do with it…a book, perhaps?). Well, it made its way to me (here in California) a few weeks ago and I have been so excited to get it underway. However, we’ve had some excitement around these parts – sick family members, blackouts, etc. – and I have had some trouble getting to the project. But, just the other day, I finally was able to get to it and mail it out! The pages came out rather snazzy, IMHO. I cannot wait to see the reset of the pages and the completed book! It is going to rock! Check out my three pages (which can be seen up close, with added descriptions, in my Red Bubble Art Gallery):

Snail Mail Project (Page 1)
Snail Mail Project (Page 2)
Snail Mail Project (Page 3)

Please check them out and let me know what you think. I worked very hard and hope they came out awesome! It was fun to be part of this project and I am highly anticipating its triumphant return to Australia! You can check out ALL the entries, as they are completed, by visiting Red Bubble’s Snail Mail Group.

Love and double-sided-sticky-tape to you all!

~ b.chris :oP