Mama Mia the Movie

In much anticipation of the Broadway Musical‘s journey to the big screen, I ventured off to the Mama Mia the Movie website to get a sneak peek at what I suspect will be one of my fav movies of all time. Upon entering, guests are asked to select which country they are from so that they can be taken to the appropriate site. But, before you select your country of origin, be sure to scroll down toward the bottom of the site where you can take a quick sneak peak at the “Making of Featurette”, send a groovy Mama Mia e-card where YOU are the star, or join the Mama Mia fan club. After you take part in these sensational tidbits, choose your country of origin and have fun!

I found that the U.S. site was average at best and, while it boasted a trailer and the customary photos, it was lacking substance and umph. So, I ventured on over to the U.K. site and found that they were giving the Brits. all the juicy details all wrapped up in one fabulous flash site. The site allows visitors to tour the Greek island where the movie is set on and meet cast and characters and get interactive.

If you have not had a chance to check out the U.K. site, please do so as it is definitely worth it and makes the U.S. site look amateur at best. And, if you venture to the “Jetty” section of the site, be sure to take the Mama Mia Ultimate Fan Quiz by clicking on the guitar. It is 21 questions of pure Mama Mia trivia. If you are a die-hard fan, you’ll be sure to pass with flying colors. But, to pass the quiz, you will need to know everything about the movie and its production, as well as the stage play and the group which inspired the musical, ABBA. If you pass the quiz, you are then invited to submit your e-mail for a contest where winners will receive Mama Mia prize packs.

I, of course, passed th quiz with flying colors scoring a perfect 21. Finally, this proves just how much of an ABBA and Mama Mia fan I am. So, I am crossing my fingers that I will win one of those fabulous prize packs!!!! That would rock! Note to universe: please, let me win one of those prize packs!

Anyways, if you think you have the chops to take the Ultimate Quiz, give it a try and see what happens!