Get Carried Away

Sex and the City (the movie), was just as it promised to be — witty, charming, and a delightful romp back into the world of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha. The movie picks up where the HBO series left off and immediately thrusts us into the new worlds and lives of the four city girls. For those of you who have not seen it yet, and don’t want to get a taste of any sexy spoilers, I would stop reading NOW.

The movie begins with a montage of what has happened to the girls since the show went off the air. It places Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) in Brooklyn with her son Brady (Joseph Pupo) and husband Steve (David Eigenberg); Charlotte (Kristin Davis) seems to have gotten her “happily ever after” with adopted daughter, Lily (Alexandra Fong), and husband Harry (Evan Handler); and the sultry Samantha (Kim Cattrall) has whisked herself off to Hollywood where she has lived for the last five years to manage and promote her boyfriend, Smith (Jason Lewis), as an actor/model. Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), meanwhile, has found herself in the exact same place she has been for the last twenty years – in the arms of her man, Mr. Big (Chris Noth).

So, as the movie’s opening sequence comes to an end, all seems well for the Big Apple girls. However, we soon end up with a cheating husband, a fiance with cold feet, a gorgeous wedding dress, late library books, a fashion spread in Vogue, a shitting of the pants sequence, a depressed honeymoon, a pregnancy, a friendship in trouble, a sexy hunk of a neighbor, wasted sushi, flirtinis, and all the other sexy mishaps that come up along the way. We see Miranda torn between family and work, Charlotte living life in fear of losing her “happily ever after”, Samantha becoming bored with having to take someone else (i.e. her significant other) into consideration all the damn time, and Carrie hiring a personal assistant (Academy Award Winner Jennifer Hudson) to help straighten up all this mess! Even the requisite gay best-friends, Anthony (Mario Cantone) and Stanford (Willie Garson), are back to help out in any way they can and offer delicious quips and observations (all while sharing a New Year’s eve kiss!).

The usual witty satire of the television show abounds throughout the 148 minute movie. Expect fashion, glamor, wit, conversation, heartbreak, romance, gays, and sex, sex, sex! It is everything that a Sex and the CIty movie should be, and more! The four main actresses really resume their characters with flavor and just as much (if not more) spunk and glamor as seen on the small screen. It is definitely a treat to see all of our beloved characters on the big screen in one big sexy hot mess! For those who may say that the movie is like one long episode, one could say that the beauty of it is that it is fulfilling and you don’t have to be bummed like you were when the HBO series would end with a cliffhanger and you wanted to know what happens next but had to wait for the next episode! And, a note must be made that the fours girls’ characters aren’t the only ones who shine. Chris Noth’s Mr. Big is as fine as ever and Jennifer Hudson’s Louise is a breathe of fresh air for the big apple!

This movie is definitely a must see!