This year, the world wide “Drawing Day” is on June 07, 2008. So, get ready. Get set. Draw!

The wonderful folks over at www.drawingday.org would like all of us to spread the word that on June 7th, the best thing we can do for the art community is to sit down and draw! Your drawing can be traditional (as in sketching, painting, coloring, mixed-media, etc.) or graphic (as in vector art, anime, digital manipulation, etc.). The point, is to get our there and get creative! But, that is only half of the festivities. The other half is to commit to uploading as much of your drawings and creative works to the world wide web as you possibly can. Hit up every site from Flickr to CafePress, Etsy to Red Bubble, Zazzle to MySpace, etc. to promote your wares and, of course, Drawing Day! Blog about it, email it, and spread the word! Drawing Day 2008 is fast approaching!!!

I’ll be drawing that day! Will you?

Drawing Day 2008