Just a quick update to let everyone know that my story, “This One’s For You” (which is based on one of Barry Manilow’s songs) was featured in Red Bubble’s Fan Frenzy Group! Thank you to the hosts and group members for all you wonderful support!!!

Here is a quick snippet of the story (you can read more in my Red Bubble Writing Gallery):

“It’s confirmed. The call came from the widow’s house.” Hawkman said.

“And?” Jennifer’s eyes begged for answers.

“I went by her place. She’s…. missing.”

“Do you think it’s her?” Jennifer stood chopping broccoli.

“I have my doubts. The rancher’s missing too.”

“Think he’s in on it?”

“Maybe.” Hawkman took a swig of milk. “But you know what puzzles me the most? There are four people who live up on Topsy Grade. The widow. The rancher. The guide. And, the old hermit. All missing.”

“You think foul play is involved?” Shocked, Jennifer stopped her chopping.

“Doc Harrison’s assistant said that a panicked woman called late last night. Something about a horse caught in a hunter’s trap.”

“Woman? The widow.” Jennifer said convincingly.

“I thought so too, at first.” He closed his eyes, feeling dizzy. “But then I started asking questions. I found out that Topsy Grade is owned by two parties.”

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~ b.chris