I wasn’t sure if anyone else saw this, but I got excited over it and, so, I thought I would share! It appears as if Drawing Day ‘08 was a success and the official website www.drawingday.org has a list of websites that participated in the event. Check it out here. And, if you scroll down to the bottom, you will find that our very own Red Bubble was one of the featured sites and contributed approximately 150 drawings to the Drawing Day cause! They even linked back to our very own Drawing Day group, which gives all us artists who posted our work there some much needed promotion! Congratulations to all who participated! And, much thanks to Red Bubble and our group moderators, thickblackoutline and Natalie Tyler, for making Drawing Day ‘08 FABULOUS!


~ b.chris :o)

Note: This update originally appeared in the BCD Red Bubble Journal.