Tonight I have a sore arm and a crumpled attitude after having been to Friday night BINGO over at St. Louise Church in Covina, CA. Usually, Fridays are fun and happy – regardless of who wins and who loses. But, tonight was an utter disaster. No, I did not win. My winning streak lasted exactly one day. Hopefully it will be back next week! But, winning streak aside, it was a horrible evening all because of the BINGO caller! It is true what they say about a BINGO night being ruined by a caller with a bad attitude – and, tonight was no exception! My Aunt Glo and I totally cringed when we saw who was going to call BINGO. He’s one of those callers who just oozes negativity and is on a constant power trip because he controls everyone’s fate with those tiny balls of his (pun intended). He calls numbers so fast that it feels like every game played is a Speed Game. In fact, the last time this joker called numbers, Greg missed his BINGO and was upset for a few days after that. (Ask anyone who misses a BINGO and they will tell you what torture it is. But, it was not really Greg’s fault, it was the caller who went so fast during the game!)

So, Aunt Glo decided to ask him politely to slow down a bit with calling numbers. He actually was rude to her and told her that he didn’t care how many people complained, that he was doing his job right. So, Aunt Glo talked to one of the BINGO managers and told him that it would benefit the church to tell him to slow down a bit because people would buy more extra games if he did. The manager assured her that he has been talked to in the past and then proceeded to walk up to the front to talk to the caller himself. Well, that did it. The caller was furious and ended up calling the numbers out faster than he ever had before. My arm literally feels like it is going to fall off…and all I played was three packs!

Well, when it came time to selling extra games, they hardly sold any because the guy is a total BINGO Nazi. Aunt Glo warned them it would happen, but they did not listen! Their loss! And mine as well…I did not come home a winner, like I said. Instead, I came home frustrated and with a sore shoulder. Ugh. All-in-all, it was a night of always being “on”, but never being the winner. I even got number 17 as my mini flash number, but it was not a repeat of last night’s win with Greg’s 17.  But, that is not at all my gripe. I would have still had a rewarding and fun time had the caller not been such a douche bag.

Aunt Glo won two games back to back! The first game, Double Crazy Kites (on two cards), is her lucky game on Fridays (she always wins)! But she had to share the prize with someone else. The game that followed was Six Card Stamp Collection, and Aunt Glo almost missed the BINGO had it not been for her quick thinking! Still, she had to share that pot with two other people. But, like we say, it is better to share the pot than to never have won at all.