Mama Mia (the movie)

Back, at the beginning of the month (June 1, 2008 – to be exact), I blogged about the new website promoting “what I suspect will be one of my fav movies of all time”. I just wanted to to take a few seconds out of my already hectic schedule to update the web-gem-i-ness of this site.

I originally stated that the U.K. site is much better than the U.S. site (which is still true), and that the U.S. site “was average at best and, while it boasted a trailer and the customary photos, it was lacking substance and umph” (which is no longer true). It seems that, the closer we get to the movie’s premier, the more fabulousness is appearing on both the U.S. and U.K. sites.

The U.S. site has undergone a whole new transformation and even boasts a similar flash interface to its U.K. counter part. But, while the U.K. site is still top notch, the U.S.’s site looks genius but is filled with mostly redundancy and is not as interactive as the U.K. version (which places Easter eggs on EVERY page). But, a trip to the U.S. site is recommended because it boasts new music from the film and some groovy downloads that are not available at the U.K. site (and vice versa). One of my favorite things about the site is the quiz (we all know how much I LOVE quizzes) which can be found in the “Villa Donna” section of the site (you’ll figure it out). This one has no prize involved, but you get to determine just how well you would handle a “Dilemma Mia!”


As for me, I scored “Dancing Queen” status…which, I am sure, comes as no shock to anyone who has ever had the utter pleasure of being lucky enough to have ever brushed passed me in a busy corridor (ummm…sounds more like a “Drama Queen”…well, that too). But, wait…

The U.K. site also boasts a new, and fun, quiz, which tells you if you and your “LUV-AHH” are a “perfect match”. Look for it in the “Beach” section of the site cleverly disguised as a champagne bottle chilling in a bucket. (Also be sure to click the moon on this page, which takes you to a cool feature that allows you to make a wish upon the stars.) I took the test on behalf of myself and my partner, Greg. Here was our score, based on my answers…


…we are the perfect couple! All I can say to that is…DUH!

Anyways, pop on over to both the U.S. site and the U.K. site (which is also shared by the totally groovy people down under) and see what all the buzz is about!