This my vision of what the future holds for us! WOW! I created this design for Red Bubble’s Agent Provocateur Group’s Weekend T-Shirt Challenge. The challenge asks t-shirt designers to depict the future…250 years into the future, to be exact. Here is the blurb I posted along with my entry:

This is my entry to APG’s Weekend T-Shirt Challenge that asks designers to predict the future…250 years into the future to be exact. And, while many predict bleak glimpses and a few depict happy shiny places, I have chosen to depict the inevitable decline of our U.S. economy (because, at the rate it is going, we are almost there) into the era of “Land of the Free Gift with Purchase and Home of the Buyer.” That’s right, Wal-Mart will take over and rule the nation! But, hey, it’s already a bully, so maybe we’ll eventually gain world domination! And, who knows, maybe price cuts (aka “rollbacks”, in Wal-Mart lingo) and senior citizens greeting at the borders are what this country really needs?!?

There are a lot of great entries, so good luck to all! This shirt is also available for purchase in my Red Bubble T-Shirt Gallery.


~ b.chris ;oP