If the Shoe Fits…

I was excited to log on today and find that my photo composite, Shoes, was named one of the finalists in Boredom Competitions on the 24/7’s ‘If the shoe fits…’ Competition!

If you are a group member, be sure to check out the forum and vote for your favorite designs! Thank you to those who have already voted!

I must say, though, I was sort of bummed that my piece Shoe Size = 66 did not get into the final running. I put a lot of hard work into it and thought it really rocked! I know we are allowed as many entries as possible, but maybe it is only one finalist entry per person – that could be it, which seems fair enough. Still, IMHO both of my composites were worthy to be in the final group – but, then again, don’t we all love our own work! LOL! They are like our little babies!

Good luck to all the finalists!


~ b.chris :o)

P.S. Go here to vote for the visual finalists. And, go here to vote for the written finalists! There are some great works here, so be sure to check them out!

Note: This update originally appeared in the BCD Red Bubble Journal.