Since the 4th of July is sort of a big deal around these here parts, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy one! Hopefully, I will be capturing some great images, but, if not, at least everyone will be too drunk to notice! LOL!

But, speaking of “great images”, I stumbled upon a great article about taking pictures on the 4th of July! In Photo Tips for the 4th of July, Yahoo! Tech’s Christopher Null (a.k.a. “The Working Guy), lists the top 5 tips for picture taking on the 4th of July from some of the web’s most professional sources (including National Geographic). With a link to each of the top “How To’s” comes their very best tip. For example, says:

“Use a tripod, and set the aperture setting to somewhere in the range of f/8 to f/16 for the best results.”

And, if these tips are not enough, or just way too much information for your senses to handle, then check out the Working Guy’s own “How To”, For the 4th: How to Photograph Fireworks, a short and sweet guide to capturing fireworks on film. You can even print out his “Cliffs Notes” version and keep in your back pocket or camera bag for reference!

Now, let’s get out there and take some great photographs! Oh, yes, and Happy Independence Day USA !


~ b.chris

Note: This update originally appeared in the BCD Red Bubble Journal.