Okay, so it all went down like this:

I wanted to partake in RB’s Flash Fiction Group’s Avatar Challenge, which asks members to create a new avatar for the group.  The catch?  Well, since this is a flash fiction group, the avatar had to be accompanied by a flash fiction story that embodied the essence of the avatar.

So, I was off and writing and came up with the flash fiction story appropriately titled “Flash Fiction“, which can now be found in my Red Bubble Writing Gallery.

Then, that story inspired this photo composite:

…which I also appropriately named “Flash Fiction“, and which also became my avatar entry for this competition:

Are you still with me?  So, then, you would have thought that would have been all.  Right?  No, no, no…it gets better!  I decided, “Hey, this would make a snazzy t-shirt!”  So, I whipped one up and aptly named it “Flash Fiction“:

So there you have it!  My three latest offerings on Red Bubble: Flash Fiction inspired by Flash Fiction inspired by Flash Fiction inspired by this challenge.  So now you can wear it, view it, read it, favorite it, vote for it, and hang it on your wall (or, hopefully, all of the above)!


~ b.chris :o)