What’s the matter?  Nothing, now that Artomatic and Royal Mail have teamed up to deliver Matter all over the U.K. (and soon, world-wide).  What is Matter?  Matter is a box of stuff.

Simple as that.  A box of stuff.

What kind of stuff?

Think free samples.  Think advertising.  Think…Play Doh?

In simple terms, it is whatever you want it to be.  You tell them what you like and they deliver.  This revolutionary new concept of marketing takes inspiration from magazines and the like that offer free gifts with purchase (which is a really popular concept in the U.K.).   However, unlike its free-gift-with-purchase counterparts, Matter is completely free.  The concept revolves around the idea that consumers would much rather receive a box full of stuff they like (which simultaneously also acts as free advertising) rather than receive a handful of junk mail advertisements.  And, with this line of thinking, Matter seems to be on the right track.  In fact, regardless of where you live, you can sign up to be the next recipient of a free Matter Box filled with all sorts of cool goodies!  Right now Matter is only available in the U.K., but is soon making its way across the pond and will be offered in the U.S. and, then, from there it will go global.  So, register for Matter Box now so that you can be one of the first people to receive one when they come to your area!  Once that box of freebies arrives, and you are the envy of the whole block, you will be glad you did!

I just registered for mine and cannot wait for it to arrive!


~ b.chris :o)