Let's Sushi!

I love art. I can’t even define what type of art I love best, because I am moved by so many different forms of expression. Film, Music, and Theater have always been mediums that have influenced me. However, I love the written word almost more than any other art form out there. I feel like sometimes I have so much to say. Sometimes, having that much to say can make a person chaotically mute.

Living and growing up in Southern California can be frustrating and awesome all at once! It is a muse beyond muses and, yet, sometimes I feel like everything is so overly suburban. Maybe that is because I live in the burbs? I hail from the San Gabriel Valley, one of the most culturally diverse areas of the entire nation, which is why I am open-minded to all types of foods and cultures. I love living here, but sometimes I wish I were somewhere else because of the “go-go-go” atmosphere around here. Either way, I have a love-hate relationship with my wondrous state! The only other place I have lived was in London, which I loved beyond belief and miss everyday! I am slightly bohemian by nature and a true Pisces!!! For me, “Art” is everything, “creativity” is a driving force, and I have a feeling that, no matter what I do, I will always be creating something because that is what I am drawn to do.

My second love is photography – digital photography in particularly. I am never without my digital camera (and even when I am, my cell phone has one built right in, so I am never truly without one). A few times I have been left stranded – no camera, no phone – and it feels like sickness, like part of me is missing. I need to capture images as much as I need to put thought onto paper. It is like a secret drive deep inside. I can hardly explain it or expect anyone else to understand it. It is like, when I am driving and see a beautiful sunset or a building whose lines arch across the horizon like some beautiful poem made into design and then not being able to pull over and capture that onto film makes me sick and leaves me empty. As you might imagine, I am a pain to travel with because I can spend hours in one spot capturing its essence over hundreds of clicks of the camera’s shutter. I particularly love to photograph architecture, cityscapes, nature, and people in those environments. I also have a love for common items that most people surpass, but when studied they offer some insight into humanity and some inner beauty that only the lens of a camera can capture.

I am also getting the hang of this graphic arts thing. I love Photoshop. I would not be able to go on without it. It is almost becoming as valuable as my camera…or my pen. My favorite digital art mediums are photo illustration, creative portraiture, pop art, digital collage, and t-shirt design. In fact, one goal is to eventually have my own t-shirt line under my design name: b.christopher designs.

My creativity also flows beyond the computer, camera, and page. I have a soft spot in my heart for all things handmade. I am currently learning to sew because I love plush and want to design some. I like working with paper arts, mixed media, and jewelry. I am also a fan of ATC’s and ACEO’s and have created a few. Greeting cards also speak to me. Another goal of mine is to have a greeting card line. Greeting cards make everyone happy. I like that about them.

As you can see, I have so many areas of interest. And, because of this, I am constantly busy with something or other. But, I always have time to make new friends and give feedback – so, don’t be shy. I would love to know what you think about my artwork. There is more to come, so stay tuned! And, if you are interested in hiring me or commissioning/purchasing one of my works, please contact me at b.christopherdesigns@yahoo.com. Thanks!

Best Regards,


P.S. And, yes, I also love Sushi!!!

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