Wow!  My flash fiction story, Flash Fiction, was featured today in Red Bubble’s All Things Poetic, Prose, Philosophical Group!  This is my second piece from my Red Bubble Writing Gallery that has been featured in this group in the last week!  The first piece was featured on July 15th and now this one!  I am dizzy with excitement!  I am also feeling a bit unworthy of this, but I thank the group hosts and members for their continued support and feedback!  I am sending so much love and good vibes to all of you!


~ b.chris :o)


Wow, I have only had my story, Dirty Little Secret, in my Red Bubble Writing Gallery for one day and it has already been featured in Red Bubble’s Blue Room Group!  Be forewarned, Blue Room is mostly adult themed images and writing – but all artistic in nature and nothing tawdry.  I am so thrilled to be featured there and so soon!  I am so excited and shocked, actually!  Thank you to the hosts and members for this outstanding surprise!

Hugs and kisses,

~ b.chris :o)

Okay, so it all went down like this:

I wanted to partake in RB’s Flash Fiction Group’s Avatar Challenge, which asks members to create a new avatar for the group.  The catch?  Well, since this is a flash fiction group, the avatar had to be accompanied by a flash fiction story that embodied the essence of the avatar.

So, I was off and writing and came up with the flash fiction story appropriately titled “Flash Fiction“, which can now be found in my Red Bubble Writing Gallery.

Then, that story inspired this photo composite:

…which I also appropriately named “Flash Fiction“, and which also became my avatar entry for this competition:

Are you still with me?  So, then, you would have thought that would have been all.  Right?  No, no, no…it gets better!  I decided, “Hey, this would make a snazzy t-shirt!”  So, I whipped one up and aptly named it “Flash Fiction“:

So there you have it!  My three latest offerings on Red Bubble: Flash Fiction inspired by Flash Fiction inspired by Flash Fiction inspired by this challenge.  So now you can wear it, view it, read it, favorite it, vote for it, and hang it on your wall (or, hopefully, all of the above)!


~ b.chris :o)

I just wanted to share my latest story with you, Dirty Little Secret, which is now available in my Red Bubble Writing Gallery.  I originally wrote it for a flash fiction challenge, but exceeded the word count limit and I didn’t want to change it much.  So, it is posted in its entirety.  Please let me know what you think!  It’s part Romance and part Mystery and all SCANDAL!


~ b.chris ;o)

P.S. And, yes… Mr. Dooley and Ms. Johnston were both high school English teachers of mine… Ms. Johnston was such a bitch… She said I would never be a writer… ahh, sweet revenge.  ;oP

P.P.S.  Regardless of the above statement, the story is a work of complete fiction – it is not at all based on reality…trust me, that would have been gross!  ;o)

I guess I am not the only one who is a tad disgruntled with our soon to be former president!  LOL!  My Message to Dubya was featured today in Red Bubble’s All Things Poetic, Prose, Philosophical Group!  I have received such good feedback on this piece and now this!  I could not be more excited!  Thank you to the hosts and members for all your support!  Rock the vote!


~ b.chris ;o)

I just got news that two of my nature photographs…

Flower Garden


Plumeria Flowers

…were featured in Red Bubble’s California Sound Group.  Check it out:

I am so excited to have TWO images featured in a group at the same time!  Thank you to the hosts and fellow members for your constant support!  And, congrats to the others whose beautiful flowers were also featured on the group’s main page!  Much love to you all!


~ b.chris

I believe in karma. I believe you are the worst president in our nation’s history and I am embarrassed to call you our leader. I believe that your heart is filled with hate, your mind is corrupted with false agendas, and your soul does not exist. I believe you believe in the persecution of innocent peoples and those who are different than you. I believe that you use people’s fears and desires against them and for your own selfish purposes. I believe the people who believe in you and trust in you are ignorant sheep who do not understand or want to understand what you have done to our country and how weak you have made us both economically and politically. I believe you have committed great atrocities and are no better than many of the dictators and terrorists our nation has previously defended itself against. I believe that our forefathers would be disappointed in you. I believe you are responsible for our failing economy and that you do not care because as we struggle, you get richer. Oh yes, I believe in karma. And, I believe karma’s going to kick your ass.

P.S. I DO NOT believe in you.

This is my message to our departing president.  It is everything I want to say to his face.  It took me a long time to come up with the right words to say because, every time I began to type, my fingers filled with rage and I was so overwhelmed that I could not put my thoughts together.  I had 200 words to say what I needed to say; and, I used all 200 words!  I did this for’s project, which bids farewell to our 43rd president (and, good riddance, too).  I just received an e-mail informing me that my message to the pres. has been approved for the web.  Now, I can only hope it is powerful enough to make the cut and be published in the print anthology of the same name, which will be delivered to the pres. himself.  For more information on how you can add your message and let the president (and the world) know exactly what you think of him, check out this brief guide:

It is non-partisan, and non-biased.  So, whether you love him or hate him or are American or not, you too can have a say!

You can check out my published message here:

I have also published it on Red Bubble here:

You can also view my related Red Bubble Journal here:

© Copyright Brian Jaime and bchrsidesigns, 2008. All Rights Reserved.

I was so excited when I logged on today to discover that I have made my first sale on Zazzle!  Yeah!  The lucky item sold was Birdie Chubby Website Card:

I’d like to thank Ashley in Crowley, TX for her purchase and support and for customizing this product!  This really made my day!


~ b.chris :oP

Since the 4th of July is sort of a big deal around these here parts, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy one! Hopefully, I will be capturing some great images, but, if not, at least everyone will be too drunk to notice! LOL!

But, speaking of “great images”, I stumbled upon a great article about taking pictures on the 4th of July! In Photo Tips for the 4th of July, Yahoo! Tech’s Christopher Null (a.k.a. “The Working Guy), lists the top 5 tips for picture taking on the 4th of July from some of the web’s most professional sources (including National Geographic). With a link to each of the top “How To’s” comes their very best tip. For example, says:

“Use a tripod, and set the aperture setting to somewhere in the range of f/8 to f/16 for the best results.”

And, if these tips are not enough, or just way too much information for your senses to handle, then check out the Working Guy’s own “How To”, For the 4th: How to Photograph Fireworks, a short and sweet guide to capturing fireworks on film. You can even print out his “Cliffs Notes” version and keep in your back pocket or camera bag for reference!

Now, let’s get out there and take some great photographs! Oh, yes, and Happy Independence Day USA !


~ b.chris

Note: This update originally appeared in the BCD Red Bubble Journal.

If the Shoe Fits…

I was excited to log on today and find that my photo composite, Shoes, was named one of the finalists in Boredom Competitions on the 24/7’s ‘If the shoe fits…’ Competition!

If you are a group member, be sure to check out the forum and vote for your favorite designs! Thank you to those who have already voted!

I must say, though, I was sort of bummed that my piece Shoe Size = 66 did not get into the final running. I put a lot of hard work into it and thought it really rocked! I know we are allowed as many entries as possible, but maybe it is only one finalist entry per person – that could be it, which seems fair enough. Still, IMHO both of my composites were worthy to be in the final group – but, then again, don’t we all love our own work! LOL! They are like our little babies!

Good luck to all the finalists!


~ b.chris :o)

P.S. Go here to vote for the visual finalists. And, go here to vote for the written finalists! There are some great works here, so be sure to check them out!

Note: This update originally appeared in the BCD Red Bubble Journal.